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Does the boat move? 
No, the vessel is moored and does not have an engine 
Can I supply my own caterers? 
We do allow external caterers. We would require insurance along with a food hygiene certificate. Kitchen hire would incur an extra charge. 
Can we arrive by Coach, Double Decker, Horse, and Carriage? 
All modes of transport are fine and there are no access issues. We would advise that with a horse and carriage please take into account our proximity to London City Airport. (The airport is closed on Saturdays from 1 pm) 
When Can I arrange a viewing? 
The boat is open from Tuesday to Sunday (Closed Mondays) from 11 am till 6 pm. It is always advisable to make an appointment in case an event is taking place. 
What time can I have the venue? 
All bookings are normally set for a six-hour hire except weddings or corporate events. We allow access earlier in the day for decorations and personalization times can be arranged on booking. 
Is Car Parking Available? 
Yes, we have a large car park adjacent to the vessel. 
Are Children Welcome? 
Children are welcome at all private events but must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. They are not allowed in the bar area or smoking area. 
Will I need SIA security? 
For all ticket events we must have SIA security as part of our licence this will be discussed before any booking is made. For all late-night events, we have a strict age restriction and dress code and all guests would require ID. 
Can I arrange my own decorations? 
Yes, we do allow decorators to come aboard times must be agreed upon before the event. All items brought aboard must be removed following the event unless an agreement has been made prior with the management. 
Are there special restrictions for ticket events? 
For all ticket events, we have a strict entry policy requiring ID and minimum age of 25yrs. A full risk assessment. ID is mandatory and no entry/re-entry after midnight for ticket events. 
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